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A blog – finally!

Where to start!

Well I have finally gotten around to starting the blog 6 months later than planned (better late than never as they say). The main reason I wanted to add a blog to this site was to add updates regarding the site if and when changes were made.  As this website was started as a college project / hobby I knew I would want to make amendments and improvements as time passed so I thought this would be a good way to inform people of what these changes were.  However as I like to run and this website is a tool for runners I thought it made sense to also add a more personal touch by adding some personal running posts which hopefully, runners – the crazy lot we are, will find interesting or helpful.

What are the plans for the blog?

As with the main website there are is no ‘grand scheme’ and it is very much just lets get it up and running and we will just “wing it” and see how things go.  If I think the blog is of benefit or if I really enjoy blogging then I will continue to post both website updates and personal posts but if I feel it isn’t beneficial to the site or I don’t enjoy blogging then the personal post part of the blog will die as quickly as it was born.  So how often will I post? Not really sure but when I do post then the posts will likely fall into into 3 main categories which are:

  1. My race reviews.
  2. Website updates.
  3. General running topics.
Lets wait and see how the situation unfolds
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So to get things started my first ‘real’ post is a race review for the Simonside Cairns Fell Race I recently ran in December.

Over and out!



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